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logo-ferrarelle-spa-aggiornato-2016Ferrarelle Spa owns the mineral waters brands Ferrarelle, Vitasnella, Fonte Essenziale, Boario, Santagata e Natía. Since its establishment in 2005 (bringing back to the Italian spirit the naturally sparkling mineral water for excellence, icon of the food history of our country) the company wanted to impress upon the brand Ferrarelle and all its mineral waters a renewed and noticeable sign of a 100% Italian quality, filling in every single bottle with a lot of precious values as the only possible contribution to provide to a resource as the water already perfect by nature. Besides the ongoing commitment to the respect and protection of the environment and nature, without which the water resource does not exist, Ferrarelle promotes and supports projects for the community in the cultural and scientific fields, actively contributing to the development and economic, intellectual and social enrichment of each place and community in which it does business. A commitment driven by duty and need to return and create value for the country and for all the future generations and especially for the territory in which it have its roots, Naples and the entire Campania, where Ferrarelle supports projects and realities that are expression of the cultural enthusiasm of these locations and it provides its contribution to nourish the effervescence. Go to the official website

The Foundation “Con il Sud”

Fondazione con il SudThe Foundation “Con il Sud” is a private non-profit institution founded in November 2006 (as Foundation “Per il Sud”) by the alliance between the banking foundations and the world of the third sector and voluntary sector to promote the social infrastructure of the Southern Italy encouraging social cohesion for the development. Go to the official website


logo-xl_present_ckyk_posPresent is one of leaders in the sector of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and it boasts a wide range of solutions and services, particularly in Consulting, System Integration, Outsourcing, Managed Services. The target markets, both domestically and in the U.E. countries, are Industry, Services and Public Administration. The company is organized into areas of expertise specific for technology and market: Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management, eCommerce, eGovernment, Enterprise Resource Planning SAP, Unified Communications, ICT Security, Software Quality Management, Infrastructural Services and Application Operation provided through the their own Service Desk which is active 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Group has about 1,000 employees, including about 750 clerks, distributed on six Italian sites (Milan, Rome, Turin, Perugia, Naples and Bologna), two branches in France and U.K. and it develops a business turnover of more than seventy million euros. Go to the official website


logo-yamamayYamamay was founded in 2001 by an idea of the Neapolitan entrepreneur Gianluigi Cimmino, who strongly believed in the potential of the retail world and the underwear market and decided to invest with the help of his family on a new entrepreneurial challenge. Go to the official website


carpisaCarpisa, brand owned by Kuvera S.p.A., was founded in 2001. The logo, a little turtle, characterizes the brand since its birth. In few years it has become a commercial phenomenon offering an increasingly trendy product. Go to the official website

SSC Napoli

The S.S.C. Napoli S.p.A. has always been one of the most popular soccer teams in Italy.s-s-c-_napoli_logo-svg  The Neapolitan club can count on a fan base that is at the top four places in Italy for passion, warmth and sentimentality. Go to the official website

Banco per l'assistenza all'infanzia

logo_fbnaiThe foundation “Banco di Napoli per l’Assistenza all’Infanzia” (FBNAI) shall ensure upbringing and education to the disadvantaged childhood through an extensive supporting social activities. Go to the official website

Gutteridge, sartorial tradition since 1878.gutteridge The Brand Gutteridge is specialized in the production of men’s clothing (t-shirts, shirts, coats, trousers) and accessories (shoes, ties, hats, gloves, belts, perfumes, watches, umbrellas, pens, cufflinks, wallets and money clips). Go to the official website
Technical Sponsors

optima_Optima Italia S.p.A. is an italian multiutility leader in the integrated offer B2B and B2C of Energy (Electricity and Gas) and Telecommunications (Fixed Telephony and Internet). Go to the official website


playPlay+ is a young and dynamic company that focuses every day on the desire to improve the quality of the environments for children.  Go to the official website


artemArt’em, publishing industry, communication, services for the ‘quality of life’, in the heart of the south of Europe and the Mediterranean. Go to the official website

FOQUS would like to thank
Caffè Kenon

Kenon, since 1892 in the Naples area, is specialized in the roasting and sale of coffee.logo_kenon Go to the official website

FOQUS would like to thank also for their personal commitment:

luciano-cimminoLuciano Cimmino

Italian entrepreneur and politician. President of Pianoforte Holding, controlling company of a corporate clothing group which owns the brands Carpisa, Yamamay and Jaked. Deputy of the XVII Legislature.



luciano-pintoLuciano Pinto


Low Firm Gaetano e Valerio Ciccariello

Notary Office Stefano Santangelo e Carmine Romano

Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 69 Naples
tel +39 081 19 17 4938   fax +39 081 401986
cell +39 328 4218405
Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 69 Naples
tel +39 081 19 17 4938   fax +39 081 401986
cell +39 328 4218405