In the former Institute Montecalvario the Foqus Foundation inaugurates in the first days of October 2016 an enabling center for children, teenagers and young people with disabilities and for their families.
he project plans and claims to give effectively to each individual the basic skills to independently improve themselves at school, workplace and in their autonomous life, in the management of their spare time, sports and psychophysical wellbeing.

ARGO ARGO differs from traditional specialized rehabilitation facilities because of its presence within the Institute Montecalvario that houses inside a micro-city (a day-care school, a nursery school, a primary school, a day-school, an Institute of Musical Education, the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples with two degree courses, Art-design and Art Didactics, The University of Liberetà, one business incubator and six Startups, a bouvette room, a dance studio, a gym, a photo agency, a sport newspaper editorial office, the Symphony Orchestra of the Spanish Quarter and an association of international voluntary service).

FOQUS is a structure (not medicalized) that counts every day the presence of about a thousand people of different ages and it’s a place to meet the cross generations where concretely experience the value of inclusion.


The project includes:

  • the construction of a center of excellence in child and adolescent habilitation that integrates specialised services with proposals for leisure and relaxation, such as sports and workshops … for all children, teenagers, young people and their families;
  • a space for socialization and inclusion for young people in condition of disability with which test the development of an integrated intervention model, which provides tailored support for each young guy to accompany him towards a specific vocational training, thanks to the presence of multi-professional team, in view of a desirable job placement.

It’s about passing:

  • from a welfare model to a biopsychosocial model of diversity in the consciousness that different variables interact in the educational process in an interdependent way (multi-systemic approach). Environmental, social, individual and cultural elements cannot be separated one to each other.
  • Anyone can learn if put in the right conditions to do it. Everyone has a learning potential which needs to be “satisfied” che chiede di essere “soddisfatto”.
  • The possibility of full integration of disabled children passes first from the acquisition of the skills – not always subject of training in educational facilities – of great importance to achieve a personal and social autonomy that influences their self-esteem and, consequently, the birth of relational processes with positive background.

The special features of the Foundation FOQUS (which takes form as a community for business and activities with paths, spaces and places to live and reach and with which you can relate as in a micro-city) allow boys and young people who use the Centre’s services to try out active experiences of social autonomy, relation and socialization, sports and pre-vocational activities.

Dr. Gerardo Colucci will be the supervisor of ARGO’s activities for children and young people and Dr. Andrea Bonifacio will be the supervisor for children activities. Both of them they will be in connection also with the therapists and operators with which children or young people would be in treatment in order to harmonize and coordinate the activities.



Therapists and experts will be responsible for the activities of ARGO.

ARGO will cooperate with the center SINAPSi at Federico II University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

The same companies present in FOQUS (as already the Academy of Fine Arts) participate in the programs: dall’rom the University of Liberetà to the photo journalistic Agency Kontrolab;Kontrolab; from the newspaper The Napolista to the Cooperative that will run the bar-bouvette within FOQUS..

is setting up some memorandums of understanding with production and commercial enterprises operating in Naples and Campania, to open employment opportunities to young people who will attend it.

ARGO will cooperate with:

  • Day-care schools, nursery schools, primary schools, secondary and upper secondary schools;
  • local ASL and rehabilitation centers.

will face with:

  • psychiatrists, psychotherapists, neuro psychomotor therapists, speech therapists and psychologists;
  • professionals and experts in the fields of school and work, in sport, in the fields of application of supplementary and therapeutic processes regarding the working and relational dimension.
Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 69 Naples
tel +39 081 19 17 4938   fax +39 081 401986
cell +39 328 4218405
Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 69 Naples
tel +39 081 19 17 4938   fax +39 081 401986
cell +39 328 4218405