After only a few years, FOQUS has been responsible for the introduction of a new social and economic dynamism creating new employment and bringing new services into a fragile and poverty-stricken metropolitan area where approximately 10% of Naples’ children live as inherent victims of social marginalization.  Among our achievements are:

Real Estate Recovery 90%
Used Spaces 76%
Work Done 72%


new jobs resulting

directly of activities and organizations settled at FOQUS

48 of which

are specially focused on job industries

that demand individual workspace

di cui 48

with an high level of specialization

new workplaces created for sectors with high individual request;


new cooperative organizations

One being a kindergarten for children, and the other one being a school of informal training, which provides courses for youth and adults


indipendent organizzations

settled in our building, but privately owned and managed


Public initiative

of higher education, the “Napoli Academy of Fine Arts”

L'Orchestra dei Quartieri Spagnoli


kids and young adults

attending FOQUS’ educational program daily. Ranging from kindergarten to primary school, as well as FOQUS’ training programs of dance and musical therapy

+ di 350

kids and young guys

attending every year the educational training at FOQUS, from the nursery to the kindergarten to the primary school, from the dance studio to the training as music therapist;


students at Academy of Fine Arts

who on a daily basis attend courses of graphic design, fashion, and art and the FOQUS campus


students enrolled in courses

of University of Liberetà (June 2016) attending more than 50 informal training courses;



consisting of children and young adults with mental disabilities that attend our ARGO program

1000 +


who enjoy and benefit from the programs, activities and services started at FOQUS

More than 1000


people taking advantage of the activities and the services promoted by FOQUS;


private foundations

and enterprises of Italian, Neapolitan, and Campagnian origins, that have participated with us since our project started

In order to be able to house all the organizations and people involved in FOQUS, the capacious building found in Via Portacarrese, had to be notably remodeled and restored to meet the structural requirements. To achieve that, several architects and artisans of Quartieri Spagnoli have worked on the project, turning the convent into a modern building with an open patio.

Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 69 Naples
tel +39 081 19 17 4938   fax +39 081 401986
cell +39 328 4218405
Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 69 Naples
tel +39 081 19 17 4938   fax +39 081 401986
cell +39 328 4218405